Mildly Me Monat

First things first, some of you are thinking what is Monat while others of you are like here Maddie goes again talking about Monat for the billionth time. Either way, you will want to bear with me.

For those of you who are reading this and have no clue what Monat is, well let me give you a simple rundown of what Monat is. Monat is a vegan, no cruelty skin and haircare company. I guess you could simply say Monat helps you get rid of hair issues such as thinning, balding, frizziness, etc or skin problems such as acne and aging that it helps rectify, lots more that I could not sum up in a single sentence. Anyway Monat is considered as an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company such as Mary Kay, Arbonne, ItWorks and etc, where you get the products directly from someone. You don’t have to go to a store like Sephora to get that overpriced Drunk Elephant that honestly smells bad, but you get products that actually work for you and your needs. This is also where I reaffirm the fact that no these companies are not a pyramid scheme since you can be wherever you want to be in the company, the top or the bottom or right in between. Anyway enough with that, I am going get into what I do and why I sell Monat and truly deep down in my heart and bones believe in Monat.

First, I started doing Monat back in December and only did it for about a month until I just decided to stop. I stopped doing Monat as a result of a current work situation I was in where I would sleep during the day and then work all night. In all honesty, I was in a horrible place in my life at that point. I was having panic attacks daily and seriously thought what I else do I have to lose. Monat came into my life during a really rough patch, where I honestly was just looking to get some free products out of it. I did not take this opportunity as a job, but more as my life saver. It helped me find beauty in myself, when all I saw was a reflection of all the horrible things that I went through at this point in time. I am honestly crying and my stomach is turning while writing this because I honestly do not know where I would have been without Monat. Monat made me feel pretty on my bad days, and reminded me that when life is tough so are you.

As months passed and I let this opportunity pass me by, I felt an aching heart yearning to finally give this my all. So in September I decided to jump full in and head first back into this opportunity, because in my heart and my mind I knew this was what I needed to be doing. I needed to show and help people find the beauty they always had in them, but maybe it was not what they were seeing out on the outside. I know how disheartening it is not to have the hair and skin you want. So I wrote a goal down in my planner to help at least 10 women in the month of September, and what I discovered gave me that confirmation that what I am doing and where I am going is why I am doing what I am. Here is what some of these 10 women had to say about the samples:

The shampoo smelled so good and definitely cleaned my hair very well. I used the masque and my hair was a lot easier to finger comb because it was detangled and softer. My hair felt like it was holding onto more moisture and was less frizzy than normal. I applied more of the leave in conditioner and my hair stayed straight and not frizzy for a couple of days (not normal for my hair). This is definitely something I am interested in using because I like it more than the products I am currently using. “

– Ashley G.

“I loved the conditioner and it feels like I just got of the salon. My hair feels amazing. I have a half bottle left of my old stuff, but when I run out how do I buy this stuff?!”

– Kerisa K.

Just used the samples, I liked the shampoo a lot. The conditioner made my hair soft but I use so much because so much hair so the sample wasn’t quite enough.”

-Serene H.

My hair is a lot smoother and less frizzy. And my hair is actually shiny which I have never had with my hair and feels like it is getting thicker too. I am also excited to use my pet product on my dog”

-Denise R.

Not bad, I like the volume and the shampoo/conditioner one. “

Carlleen B.

“My hair is so soft and this stuff works wonders.”

-Sadie K.

“The samples left my hair soft and shiny.”

-Victoria B.

So far these are the results from the samples of people who wanted to share… and now it is your turn to see if these products are for you. If you are dealing with some form of a hair issues, such as thinning, frizziness, lack of hair growth due to hair damage or dry scalp, then hit your girl up. And if you are dealing with scarring from acne, breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles from growing old, you will want to try out our skincare lines (Be Balanced & Be Gentle) that just launched about a month ago, so you can age gracefully. For now stay tuned…???

Feel free to give me a ring or ding on my phone, if you are wanting to get the hair and skin you have always wanted. Or if you are simply wanting a side hustle that could change your life (hair and skin included) and loved ones. Get the healthy hair and skin you have always wanted, by beginning your journey with Monat today.

Because with grit and gratitude, you can be anyone and go anywhere.

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