13 Quick Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are anything like me, which hopefully you are nothing like me, just you, well anyway I tend to put off things to the last minute. With that being said, I thought I would help you out if you still have yet to get your lovely Mom or mother figure in your life a gift to show your appreciation for them, and all they do. So here is 13 quick last minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, if you have already or still have yet to get your mama a sweet, thoughtful gift.

  1. Write A Sweet Message

This takes a lot of thought and does not cost a thing to you. So if you are just scrapping by, don’t have the money to go out and buy your Mom a gift, a sweet message will always be the best way to communicate how much you appreciate and love your Mom. While things come and go, your mom will never forget that sweet, thoughtful message you wrote her. Sometimes the most simplest things can have the biggest impact on someone. Craft and send that sweet message to your mother or a maternal figure in your life.

2. Take Your Mom (Maternal Figure) For A Walk

You may not have seen your mother in a long time, so just taking her for a walk can leave such an impact. You can catch up on life in person, if you have not seen her in awhile with COVID going on. Getting outside, being active and bonding over a nice walk can leave both of you with the fondest of memories beyond just the footprints you leave behind on the pathway(s) you may walk together, a part, far away or within the place you call home.

3. Do A Chore for Your Mom

Sometimes doing something simple as laundry, folding clothes, washing the dishes and cleaning the house can take the load of your mom, and all she does to keep the house looking nice. See what chore(s) you can do for your mom, so she can enjoy a day of taking time for herself and relaxing. While you may not have like doing chores as a kid, take this day to just focus on your mom or maternal figure, celebrate all that person in your life does, through doing the simplest of things to take the load off of them (once again).

4. Schedule and Take Your Mom Out for A Date

From time to time, not even on Mother’s Day I have gotten the opportunity to do this for my mom, where I treat her to a meal on me. Taking your mom or mom figure to your favorite restaurant to get her most savored meal can leave both of you with full hearts, and I guess you could say fully bellies too. It does not have to be tomorrow, but you could schedule a time and write a sweet note on Mother’s Day to take your mom out on a sweet, savored and hopefully memorable date, both of you will cherish beyond just that moment.

5. Make Your Mom her Favorite Homemade Cook Meals

If your mom does not want to go out to a restaurant, with COVID still going on. You can make her favorite homemade cook meal(s) so you can enjoy each other’s company safely, hopefully healthy, if your mom may be battling a sickness. Sometimes taking the responsibility of someone to cook can take what may be weighing them down off their shoulders. You can also order in too, if you may not be the best of cook. Make, enjoy, order and indulge in a meal with your mom, or mother figure.

6. Give Your Mom a Homemade Coupon Book

If you are crafty you can make your mom a homemade coupon book, where she can use coupons to help her out with household chores or even things that she is wanting to do with you, if you are not living at home. Taking your time to make a thoughtful crafted coupon book, that has no cost other than love and memories soon to be attached to it, can make for your mom feeling that she does not feel she has to ask a lot of you to do maybe simple things, yet does not want to interrupt you from your daily tasks and goals. Focus on what you feel your mom would and has mentioned about wanting to do with you. Now get to making and crafting away that homemade coupon book.

7. Pick Flowers from Your Garden

Have your own place or shared space, may be you have many plants or flowers you have grown or started growing during Quarantine. Take some time to pick some flowers, or even a gift a plant baby of your’s to her. I would suggest thinking about what flowers your Mom currently has or gotten in the past, before just picking at random. I would also think of a lovely way to make a flower arrangement that showcases all the light and love your mom brings in your life. So pick wisely, and arrange creatively to give the best home grown flower arrangement a mom could ask for.

8. Create A Memory (A Story You Can Tell Later)

Memories do not cost a thing, well not completely true, some do. In this case think of an activity you and your mom can do together that can leave both of you with lasting memories. For this think of something you and your mom do together that you both enjoy, maybe is painting together or going for hike. It will vary, so think of something both of you love to do together, or something your mom has always talked about wanting to. Sometimes the best gifts come in the form of memories that you eventually tell as stories as time goes on. People and things leave, but memories and stories will always remain ingrained in our minds.

9. Offer Some Peace and Quiet

While some of us may not think of peace and quiet as a gift, for a busy mom, this can be the best present they could ask for. Offer to take over her daily responsibilities so she can enjoy some solace. I think we underestimate this one, and should realize that if your mom is busy with your siblings and other things, sometimes just having a day of peace and quiet can really help her recharge, be more present and rest from likely the sleep she will never get to catch up on. Offer some peace and quiet to your mom, and her maternal figure, she will likely be very thankful if she is constantly running here and there, doing this and that to make sure everything and everyone is taken care of. Make peace and quiet the top priority especially for the busy mom, maternal figure in your life.

10. Put Together A Nostalgic Slideshow or Video

Putting together various photos and videos of you, your mom, siblings and friends can make her day and live on beyond a short video. It may also be sweet of you to include nice messages from family members if you have the time to. If you are short on time, since this is last minute gift ideas, I would suggest create a short video on your phone of photos and videos together. If you do not have many photos and videos, you can even think of something such as video or song that speaks to your guys relationship. I know each of our relationships look different with our mom’s so think of sweet way to showcase your love and appreciation for your, or maternal figure in your life.

11. Send a Handwritten/made Card

While some of may live close to our mom, or maternal figures in our life, that may not be the case for some, so sending a handwritten or handmade card could make all the difference. If you cannot send a card in time, let your mom know, but showing that you went through the time and effort to create something that she can physical hold and read will live on past Mother’s Day. Think of something sweet, or if you are artsy, craft something unique you couldn’t get in a Grocery Store’s card section. Take some time to reflect, craft and write a thoughtful card, along with what I already said with write a message which can be done via a text or phone call, yet this takes it to the next step of sending or giving something to someone they can physically hold and cherish beyond just the day. So get to writing and crafting if you have not already.

12. Splurge on Material Gift

When I say splurge, please do not take that further than you should. What I mean is if your mom has been wanting a certain product or even a massage, you can gift her that. If you are short on money, you can also go in on a gift with family. Or you could even think of something that may not cost as much. Think wisely before spending money on your mom, you want to be something that she can use frequently and cherish just beyond the day. Splurge only when it makes sense to you, and that your mom will get the most out of it too.

13. Treat her to a Personal Massage (Hand Massage and Back Rub)

I know this last, last minute Mother’s Day Gift idea will not be for everyone. But instead of gifting your mom a massage, you can treat and over her to a personal massage, hands and back rub included. And if your mom does not like being touched, getting massage, which some do not, you can offer to give her a manicure or pedicure. And if she doesn’t want any of those, you can offer to do a mini facial for her. There are a lot of DIY facials you can do without going out to spend a trunk load of money on products to do simple, refreshing facial. Find that one thing your mom enjoys and treat her to that on her day.

I have listed out 13 quick last minute gift ideas, many that do not require any money to do so. While some of these ideas may not be everyone or every mom, I hope there is one that can help you if you are still trying to figure out what to gift your mom, or maternal figure on Mother’s Day. If you already got or sent her something, I hope you can reference this next year when you are back to the drawing board in your mind, thinking of what you can treat to your mom to so she knows she is loved and appreciated beyond just Mother’s Day.

PS if you do not have a mother in your life, you can take this day to reflect. Or you can also take this day to gift a motherly figure in your life, which does not have to be a family member. I know days like Mother’s or Father’s Day can be hard for some of us who do not have one or both of those parental figures in our lives. So know you aren’t alone, if you do have one or not the other, just simply take the time to appreciate those in your life who have left or are a positive bright, shining light in your life. Sending lots of love to those without Mom’s on this day, know you are loved beyond words and I appreciate the human you are becoming.

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