What’s Your Why???

What’s your “Why”? I have been lately searching for what my why is, but I have been wondering if my why has been with me longer than I have ever known. But did society make me bury my why to fit into climbing up the corporate ladder, or to be just another cog in the wheel that goes around like a carousel, until we get off and realize where did the time go?

In time, I think back to when I was a kid and would just go up to random people and ask the most randomest of questions. I had no agenda. I had no idea. I just was a kid full of questions and curiosity. When did I lose that child-like curiosity, and when did we grow up to work in a world where many of us our unfulfilled.

Yet we fulfill our lives with things that will come and go, while experiences will turn into memories we will cherish. We hold onto careers because what are we if we do not have work and benefits, yet as I and you know, that comes and goes as well. We wrap our identity around what we do for work. Most of the time when you meet someone as an adult, they ask you what you do for work? When did work start driving our lives, and why does it even matter what your job or position is?

We all have value in what we do. Yet it seems as a society, especially in America, work is what drives us. So yes, work may drive up your bank account. Work may be the only way you are surviving to pay your bills. But ask yourself are you truly happy with the work are you doing, many people will say no more than yes. Don’t believe me, go out into your community, talk with your friends and ask them, “Are you happy, or does work just make you happy because it pays the bills?”

No matter what end of the spectrum your response falls on, know you are worth more than the work you do. At the end of the day, people will not remember what position you held, but they will remember how you treated them. Think to yourself, deep down, what is your why? Are you getting to do and fulfill your why? If not, it’s never too late to make a change. Change is scary, but is necessary. Growth can be a whirlwind, but once you grow through adversity, you’ll realize there is universality in people who recognized and realized their “WHY”. While they may seem like trailblazers that’s because they are finally fulfilled by their “WHY”.

While deep down I know what my “Why” is, that doesn’t matter, what matters is you take a real look in the mirror, seeing, no matter your age or place in life, asking yourself truthfully, “Am I living my ‘Why’ or am I just getting by?” Marking the days on your Google Calendar until your next vacation… oh wait, you’ve already arrived at your destination, after many detours, “Your Why”. You’ll get there someday. Someday soon you will no longer be living for tomorrow’s but enjoying the today’s.

Life is not an odyssey, but a journey of undoing and becoming all you are meant to be in this, because why not be anything and everything you want to be in this life. Remembering you are the only one of you, you have gifts to give this world, not the typical counting down the hours until work is done for the day. Tomorrow is not promised, but this moment is, so live it with intent.


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